The YDTX0CL-L1 TOSA is 4 channels direct modulation laser (DML) diodes module built-in driver IC designed for 100Gbps applications. This laser module is ideally suitable for low power consumption QSFP28-LR4(dual rate) transceiver. The 4 channels laser diodes are mounted into a metal package integrated with 4 channels driver IC, monitor PIN photodiodes and a TFF optical multiplexer to combine the outputs from the four lasers.These elements are packaged with LC receptacle. The electrical interface is through flex connects.

  1. Data rate up to 28Gbps operation(NRZ) ;
  2. DFB LASER for 10km LAN-WDM;
  3. Hermetic box package;
  4. OSA package with internal driver and optical multiplexer;
  5. 100GBASE-LR4 application per IEEE 802.3ba standard;
  6. 100 ohm impedance match;
  7. Operating case temperature range: -5°C~75°C;
  8. Optimal architecture for low power consumption;
  9. RoHS compliant;