The CWDM Series transmitted at 40km & 80km with 10 Gb/s transmitter optical subassembly (TOSA) integrates a high-speed electlro-absorption modulated laser (EML), a monitor photodiode and a micro-TEC in a small form-factor metallized ceramic package.
The TOSA features excellent wavelength stability, high output power, a small form factor & low power dissipation specifically designed to meet the needs of next generation SFP+ device.
The TOSA is compatible with XMD MSA.

  1. Data rate from 9.95 Gbps to 11.3Gbps
  2. CWDM-rated EML TOSA
  3. TOSA package with industry standard FPC and LC receptacle
  4. Transmission distance up to 40km & 80km
  5. 50 ohm input impedance match
  6. Integrated optical isolator
  7. Operating case temperature range: commerce -5°C~75°C, industry-40℃+85℃
  8. RoHS compliant