The DWDM Series transmitted at 10km with 25 Gb/s transmitter optical subassembly (TOSA) integrates DML laser, a monitor PIN photodiode and a micro-TEC in a small form-factor metallized 10 pin ceramic BOX  package.
It designed for use in covered 25Gb /stransceivers and other high-speed telecommunication and data applications. These elements are packaged with an LC receptacle.
The electrical interface is through flex connects.

  1. Multi channel emission(LanWDM/CWDM)
  2. Date rates up to 25Gbps
  3. High output power
  4. Narrow Linewidth(3MHz)
  5. Long history of proven field reliability
  6. Built-in Isolator,TEC,Rth and PD
  7. Designed for Telcordia-GR468
  8. Operating temperature range:-40℃ to +85℃
  9. Rohs compliant