18GHz Analog Modulation Laser

YDBK Series Analog bandwidth direct modulation is fabricated by InGaAs / InP MQW DFB laser components and integrated laser modules, optical isolator, TEC, thermistor, monitoring photodiode and Broadband DC bias, the tightness 7-pin package, can realize wideband analog signal electro-optical conversion,mainly used for wideband analog signal transmission, optical fiber transmission frequency, phased array radar and optical fiber delay line field.

  1. Multiple wavelength options: 1270/1290/1310/1330/1350/1370/1550nm
  2. Optional output power: 10mW
  3. Multiple bandwidth options: 1MHz to 18GHz
  4. RF port for K connector (50Ω)
  5. Excellent RF response flatness
  6. Wide dynamic range
  7. Full transparency working mode
  8. No built-in driver RF amplifier
  9. Optional operating temperature: -55℃ to +85℃
  10. Built-in Isolator(single stage or double stage), TEC, Rth and PD