Mini Box Optical Sensing Laser

The laser diode module is a cost effective, highly coherent laser source. The laser diode chip is packaged in an industry standard hermetically sealed 9 pin Box package. It is widely used in the fields of optical fiber sensing, optical fiber measurement and control.Semiconductor cooler under high-precision temperature control, Laser power output is high and stable, which makes laser widely used in many fields.

  1. Multi Channel Emission
  2. Wavelengths (1270nm,1290nm…1610nm,1650nm)
  3. Power (5mW,10mW)
  4. Narrow Linewidth(10MHz,3MHz)
  5. Low RIN(140dB)
  6. Multi-Quantum Well (MQW) active layer
  7. Built-in Isolator(single stage or double stage),TEC, Rth and PD
  8. Designed for Telcordia-GR468.