Youopto 100G ROSA series products are amazing ECOC

  News     |      2020-12-14
       During the ECOC2020 exhibition from December 7 to 9, youopto technology demonstrated the built-in SOA Integrated ROSA (100G SOA Integrated ROSA) applied in the 100G ER4. The device meets the requirements of the QSFP28 module device, which is the smallest package in the 100G 40km optical module.
       The 100G SOA Integrated ROSA fully meets the requirements of the 100GBase-ER4 application, with a 4-channel PIN receiver, a 4-channel TIA, a TFFLWDM wave divider, and a combination of SOA semiconductor amplifier and other components integrated in the air-tight package. As the optical path complexity of the entire ROSA is greatly increased with the built-in SOA chip, Youopto Technology has built the optical path coupling platform for SOAROSA through secondary development and design on the existing process platform, and has applied for a number of invention patents for the process of this scheme. At present, the coupling gain of the first version of the product can reach 15dB, and Uxun technology continues to optimize the product performance to meet the requirements of the 100GZR4 application.
       In addition to the multi-channel products, Youopto has also launched 50GEMLTOSA and 50GAPDROSA for QSFP28, and another 100GFR1 TOSA is also in active sample preparation.