14PIN Butterfly Narrow Linewidth Laser

Youopto 14pin butterfly narrow linewidth laser is a single wavelength semiconductor laser independently developed and produced by Youopto. It adopts high-performance DFB chip and domestic leading butterfly  packaging technology, with built-in cooler, thermistor, monitoring photodiode and optical isolator (optional). The laser can work normally under different ambient temperatures, and the output wavelength and optical power are highly stable. Wavelength: 1550nm (optional for C and L bands). 

DFB chip 

C&L bands optional 

Data rates up to 10Gbps 

Narrow linewidth ≤500KHz,as low as 10KHz  

Built-inIsolator(double stage),TEC,Rth and PD

FC/APC connector 

High power ≥30mW 

Operation temperature -5℃~75℃ 


Designed for Telcordia-GR468

Optical fiber communication system

High-precision laser radar

Coherent measurement

Optical fiber sensing

Pump source, instrumentation