Youopto Technology held the first corporate culture festival and basketball competition.

  Ourday     |      2023-08-26

In order to further strengthen communication and exchange among employees, enhance their feelings, enrich and enliven their cultural and sports life, let employees relax in their busy work, face life and work with a fuller spirit and a more positive attitude, and jointly create a "United, harmonious and enterprising" working environment, the company held the first Youopto Enterprise with the theme of "Different Wonderful Baskets" in Dalian Youopto Basketball Court on August 26th.



The competition was held in August, which was full of passion and high spirits. Basketball is the medium and sports is the bridge. We compete for friendship, spirit, enthusiasm and confidence. The athletes won cheers and applause from the audience with their clever passing, gorgeous turn, wonderful shots and perfect cooperation. All the athletes sweated and showed themselves on the field, and all the teams showed their level, style and momentum in the competition, which won unanimous praise from the organizing Committee and the audience.



The game was very fierce, and the athletes fought for victory around the goal. The strength of the two teams was almost the same. The athletes interspersed circuitous, flexible position, played a wonderful cooperation, the defensive athletes followed suit, while the attacking athletes broke through left and right. At the same time, the players on the court and below had their own competitions and discussions, finally the Dalian team won the championship in the end.

After the competition, Mr Liao, the chairman of the company, and Ms. Jin, the vice-general manager, presented the MVP trophy to the champion team and the individual who scored the most goals, and also presented commemorative awards to all the players. In the applause of everyone, the basketball game ended successfully.



Youopto Technology has always focused on talents and paid attention to the health and life of employees. Through this basketball game, the company once again showed its concern and support for the healthy life of employees. In this competition, the employees took an active part in it, and jointly demonstrated the excellent attitude of "friendship first, competition second, tenacious struggle and enterprising spirit". Although the game is over, the spirit of enthusiasm will never stop, and every drop of sweat will not be disappointed. Let's cheer together, continue to struggle, and look forward to the arrival of the second basketball game of Youopto Technology in 2023!


Although the game has ended, the struggle will never stop

Every drop of sweat will not flow in vain.


We work together to make progress together.


Dear colleagues, the second basketball game of Youopto Technology will be there or be square!