The Mid-Autumn Festival. Country and Home celebrate together.

  Ourday     |      2023-09-28

Mid-Autumn Festival is a very warm and meaningful festival. On this day, children will reunite with their families, eat moon cakes, enjoy the moon and play games together. This festival represents the meaning of reunion and blessing, which makes people cherish the relationship between family, friends and relatives and look forward to happiness and health in the future. Mid-Autumn Festival is very important and meaningful in both traditional culture and modern society.


Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are coming, the company wants to thank all employees for their efforts and efforts for the company's development. Therefore, the company has prepared gift boxes for them, and sent them warm care and sincere wishes, so that everyone can share the growing joy of the company while feeling the joy of the festival.


With the support of company leaders, Youopto’s Dalian Anshan  Factories held an inter-departmental dinner for Mid-Autumn Festival. In the beautiful scenery of the rising moon, with the delicious wine,  they talk to each other, open their hearts and speak freely. We met in such a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and felt an atmosphere of unity and harmony.


There is no working relationship between superiors and subordinates in the activity. The leaders are more like friends and family members. We not only have memories of fighting together, but also have the enthusiasm to accompany each other and chat freely. Let's get together for a pleasant wine tasting, heart-to-heart talk, and share interesting things, gains and joy in our work and life! Although the activity form is simple, everyone has gained a lot.


In the big family of Youopto, there is warmth, friendship, guidance and a good platform for us to exercise and develop.


In 2023, the Mid-Autumn Festival arrived, and the moon was bright and affectionate. Every achievement made by the company is the result of the joint efforts of all employees, and every employee has made hard efforts for the development of the company. On this day symbolizing harvest, reunion and celebration, the company sincerely wishes every employee: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day! I hope your popularity, dreams, and everything will go smoothly, family reunion and all the best!