The first High Speed Optical Connection Design Forum, connecting you and me

  Exhibition Info     |      2023-10-31

In order to strengthen the exchanges between enterprises in the industry and promote the development of optical communication technology,  Youopto Technology has communicated and coordinated with the conference team for many times, and made early efforts such as site investigation and site selection, and finally The first High Speed Optical Connection Design Forum is scheduled to be held in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China, on November 2, 2023. 


As a pioneer in wavelength division multiplexing optical devices, Youopto Technology has continuously innovated in technology and gradually grown with the cultivation and support of local governments. In line with corporate social responsibility, Youopto Technology undertakes the mission of continuously integrating the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain while steadily operating itself.


In line with the theme of the forum connecting you and me, the forum invited leading enterprises in the automotive, robotics, mobile communications and other industries to participate in the expansion of application fields, combining optical communication with automotive radar (autonomous driving), AI computing power, artificial intelligence and other emerging fields, so as to expand the industry and promote the economy of Dalian, and make a contribution to the development of Northeast China.


More than 200 companies were invited to participate in the high-speed optical connection design Forum, which is a rare opportunity for exchange and learning. In order to allow everyone to better participate in this event, we have also prepared two training sessions for you one day in advance, aiming to give participating enterprises a more comprehensive understanding of the relevant knowledge of optical modules. 


Conference name: The first High Speed Optical Connection Design Forum 

Conference time: 9:00-21:00, November 2, 2023

Conference address: Hi Chance (Dalian) Science & Technology Center, Haichuang Hall, 3rd Floor. (No.507 ,Huangpu Road, Hi-tech Zone, Dalian, China)

Training time: 14:00-17:00, November 1, 2023

Training address: Carlton Hall on the 5th floor/Austin Hall on the 5th floor 



Here, we sincerely welcome enterprises and professionals to participate in this event, share technical achievements, seek cooperation and development, and jointly promote the extensive application of optical communication technology in production and life. We are looking forward to your arrival !