Dalian Youopto Technology Factory was selected in the "2023 5G Factory Directory"

  Recent news     |      2023-11-28

From November 12 to 17, 2023, the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicized the "2023 5G Factory Directory", and Dalian Youopto Technology Factory was listed among them.



 Screenshot of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website


According to the important instructions of the Chairman Xi and the spirit of the 20th people’s congress, accelerate the innovation and development of "5G+ Industrial Internet", and build the Chinese brand of 5G factory. Youopto Technology actively responds to the policy, relies on the network large broadband, and creates a 5G intelligent factory that integrates information management, visual management and intelligent management.



Office building appearance


The "5G optoelectronic Device Development and Industrialization Project" was completed and accepted for the record on October 8, 2022, and Youopto Technology Factory was officially put into operation in November 2022.



Company lobby interior view


The production workshop is built in ten thousand class cleaning-room. Through the construction of MES system and MOM system, the distribution and status management of production resources such as man-machine materials have been realized. Planning the process, process, work step and production line; Realize the management of production order, production plan and production process; Track and manage personnel, equipment and materials; Realize inventory management, equipment management and quality management; Collect production process data, quality information, material data, equipment status, etc. Achieve production performance analysis and decision analysis; Achieve production traceability, etc.




A picture of the workshop


The company's network architecture is based on the logic of usage and is divided into five components: closed production network, office network, wireless network, server farm and iot security network. Based on the topology, the network is divided into internal networks, VPN networks, guest networks, and external public networks. Based on the organizational structure, it is divided into the main network of the headquarters and the sub-network of subsidiaries, and a number of professional network engineers are arranged to maintain it.


At the level of network equipment, our company uses the industrial hardware firewall as the physical boundary, and has a series of network access policies to strictly control the data and information access between various networks. For example, wireless network is regarded as an unreliable network, and communication with other networks is prohibited; The production network is prohibited from communicating with external networks. The server network, the Internet of Things security network is restricted to other networks, etc. In order to ensure that the company network can be well defended against illegal attacks from the public network, and to ensure that the various data generated during the operation of the production and office system is accessed and used under safe and reasonable circumstances.


As for the internal system of the company, in addition to the ordinary office system, there is also a production management system platform, which adopts the advanced BS architecture and is deployed on the server and the terminal equipment in the production line. Through secondary development with the relevant production equipment in the workshop, automatic data collection and automatic uploading have been realized, which greatly saves labor and improves production efficiency. Through the 5G wireless communication network throughout the building, human-computer interaction is more efficient and convenient.