Fire Emergency Drill to build a strong safety line

  Recent news     |      2023-12-07

In winter, the risk of fire increases as temperatures drop, the air dries and electrical equipment is used longer. In order to improve the fire awareness of employees, ensure the personal safety of employees, and prevent fire risks, our company held a fire drill for the entire factory on December 1, 2023.


On the eve of the fire drill, the equipment department clarified the activity process, determined the division of responsibilities of each group, formulated the escape route, and on November 30, 2023, the equipment department organizes the heads of all departments to attend the meeting and arrange activities.


At 11:00 am on December 1, 2023, the fire drill officially began. The company uses the fire alarm linkage system in the factory for simulation. According to the fire drill plan, the personnel on duty in the fire control room will confirm the fire and alarm the first time after discovering the fire.



As the alarm sounded, everyone ran out of the escape passway in a nervous and orderly manner and successfully reached the outdoor safety zone, and the heads of all departments counted and reported the number of employees who should arrive and actually arrived.



Subsequently, the equipment department of our company explained and demonstrated the fire fighting in detail. This fire drill paid great attention to the actual operation of employees, and allowed many employees to experience the use of fire extinguishers in person, which enhanced the employees' awareness of fire prevention and enhanced the cooperation and cooperation ability among employees.



After the fire drill, the commander of the activity made a summary of the drill. He said the event was a success as everyone was calm and orderly during the escape and listened carefully during the simulated fire fighting. However, in the actual occurrence of fire, it is very easy to cause tension, leading to escape chaos and non-standard use of fire extinguishers, the commander stressed that in the case of dense use of dry powder fire extinguishers must not spray people, so as not to cause additional damage to personnel, and stressed the importance of safety work and emergency drills. We are required to further improve the awareness of fire safety.


For enterprises, to ensure the safety of employees is the responsibility and obligation of the company, through this fire emergency drill, so that employees have mastered the fire escape methods, fire extinguishing skills, and further enhance the fire awareness and emergency escape self-rescue ability of the majority of employees. Taking the fire drill as an opportunity, we will further tighten the "safety string", respond calmly in front of the fire, and escort the life!