YOUOPTO TECHNOLOGY held 2023 poker King Tournament

  Ourday     |      2023-12-27

Life is not only about work, but also about fun and pleasure. DALIAN YOUOPTO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. on December 25, 2023, held the "Poker King Tournament", fully reflecting the company's "happy work, healthy life" cultural atmosphere.



The game began after the host read the rules. Players draw group numbers and then sit around the corresponding table , quickly enter the state, a group of three wits and courage, through playing cards to make friends, duel card skills, enhance friendship. They or frown to think or hesitate or calmly, the game process ups and downs, gripping, even audiences are also followed sometimes frown, sometimes smile, the game atmosphere is extremely hot, the scene from time to time bursts of laughter.


The competition’s atmosphere gradually reached its peak through preliminary rounds, semi-finals, and finals. 



After wonderful competition, all the players have played their best level, and achieved excellent results, with the end of the last round, the competition also came to an end, and finally the company leaders awarded beautiful prizes to encourage the winning employees.



This activity fully demonstrated the healthy, civilized and upward spiritual outlook of our company, cultivated the consciousness of solidarity and cooperation among employees, and the concept of harmonious progress, relaxed the body and mind, pleased the mood, alleviated the pressure, and strengthened the communication and exchange between colleagues, and enhanced the team friendship, cohesion and centripetal force from the activity. At the same time, it also encourages employees to devote themselves to work with more positive attitude, full of enthusiasm and better mental state. In the future, our company will actively hold such activities to create a harmonious atmosphere for everyone to participate in and enjoy, so that employees' leisure cultural life is more colorful!