Year of the loong spring breeze, struggle at the right time ——Good luck activities for returning to work

  Ourday     |      2024-02-19

On the eighth day of the first lunar month, auspicious time of Return to work after the spring festival, Dalian Youopto Technology Co., Ltd. opened as scheduled to celebrate the Spring Festival and start a new journey. At 8: 30 in the morning, the staff is in place to the good luck activities.



The whole activity consists of six parts, including pasting a wishing sign, lighting the opening cannon, shaking for sorting, shooting balloons, exchanging for cash and unveiling ceremony. In the laughter, employees participate in various games in the activities, and get their own opening red envelope.



On the first day of construction, everyone came to the company early to sign in as a souvenir, and everyone extracted their own New Year's resolutions and pasted them on the blessing board. This year's blessing board is heart-shaped, which means that the company consider every employee and the employees consider the company in their hearts.



Everyone looked excited and waited for the activity to start, and the atmosphere at the scene became warm. Employees all want to get good luck in year of the loong at first. At the beginning of the activity, Mr. Liao, the chairman of the company, delivered a New Year's speech. Mr. Liao affirmed everyone's achievements in 2023, and hoped that everyone would make persistent efforts and work together to add luster to the company's development in the new year!

The roar of firecrackers, the old one year has passed, The warm spring breeze came to the new year. At 8: 58 am, the salute was lit on time and resounded through the sky, which meant that the company 2024 welcomed fortune, fortune and auspiciousness, and it was a great opening!

After the host invited the God of Wealth, the activity of "Dream with the Ball" officially began. Colleagues carefully aimed and launched. Some colleagues made suggestions aside, and some colleagues can be described as "dead shot"! Everyone's face is filled with the joy of the Spring Festival, and the scene is very lively.




The bonus exchange link is one of the most popular activities’s part among employees. Everyone takes the note they hit to the God of Wealth to win the prize. The company has exchanged good luck red envelopes for every employee who participated in the activity, so that everyone can have a good start in the new year.



After the unveiling ceremony, the good luck activities for returning to work drew to a close. The leaders of the company wished all employees all the best in their work in the new year. The whole opening ceremony ended successfully in a group photo.



This activity not only promoted the team cooperation ability among colleagues, but also reflected the company's corporate culture of humanistic care and created a more harmonious working environment for everyone.

In 2024, we will face greater opportunities and challenges. Let's stick to the same belief, work together on the road ahead, climb all the way, shine on each other, and greet a better tomorrow with full passion!