Kick away your troubles , make you and me happy ——Youopto hold the first shuttlecock kicking competition

  Ourday     |      2024-04-30

Coming from the spring breeze, flowers are blooming and spring is rippling, blowing today's green feelings.

Coming from the warm sun, full of vitality and hope, blooming today's charming colors.

In this spring season, Dalian and Anshan Factories of Youopto Technology hold in the first "Kicking your troubles and rejuvenating your youth"-Shuttlecock Kicking Competition in 2024 on April 28th. This activity is a contest of strength, wisdom, beautiful display and flying passion, and it is also an exercise for the physical quality, mental perseverance and sports level of the colleagues.


This activity is divided into four events: "See who kicks for a long time", "See who kicks more", "Two-person competition" and "Happy Circle Kicking", which are held simultaneously by Dalian and Anshan factories. With the order of the host, the game officially started and the atmosphere was instantly ignited. Athletes adhere to the principle of "friendship first, competition second", and the whole process is orderly. "Passion" and "laughter" have become synonymous with this activity. Everyone burst into laughter and cheers, and the scene was very lively.


This shuttlecock kicking competition provides employees with opportunities to show themselves. Everyone is full of confidence and devoted to this competition with full enthusiasm. Some of them are calm and steady, and some are flexible and witty, which shows the healthy body and warm and serious attitude of our employees.



This activity not only enhanced employees' physique, but also promoted exchanges and cooperation among various departments, enriched employees' amateur cultural life and enhanced the vitality of enterprises. We wish that colleagues will take this activity as an opportunity to face it with full enthusiasm and high morale in their future work and life, and combine work and rest to make life more fulfilling and more exciting!