The first high-speed optical connection design forum was a complete success

  Recent news     |      2023-11-07

On November 2, 2023, the "First High-speed Optical Connection Design Forum" was successfully held in Dalian High-tech Park, Liaoning Province, China. The forum attracted upstream and downstream enterprises in the field of optoelectronics from all over the country to participate in the meeting, special guests from the robot, mobile communication, chip manufacturing, device production, module production and other aspects to discuss optoelectronic communication technology and its application, the forum focused on the development trend of the industry frontier, and provided a comprehensive and in-depth exchange and display opportunity for the key technologies and innovative development of the industry.



The forum was successfully held under the efforts of Youopto Technology. Youopto Technology has been adhering to the enterprise vision of "Continue to improve,Reach the goal happily,Develop and grow together in the field of light", and is committed to the research and development, design, production and sales of high-end optical devices. As a pioneer in wavelength division multiplexing, the company continues to innovate in technology, and has a good reputation and a high appeal in the industry with many years of technical accumulation and operational capabilities in the field of optical communication. In the forum, Youopto Technology demonstrated the leading level of research and development technology, advanced manufacturing environment and comprehensive product solutions. The success of this forum also shows the core strength and market competitiveness of Youopto Technology in the field of optical communication.



This High Speed Optical Connection Design Forum is a grand event in the field of optical communication, and also an important platform for active exchanges and cooperation between enterprises in this field. The forum covers all levels in the field of optical communication, from connected devices and testing, design specifications to the application of optical communication systems, aiming to improve the technical level and innovation ability of the industry, promote the industrial development in the field of optoelectronics, expand the application field, and combine optical communication with emerging fields such as robot, automotive radar (autonomous driving), and artificial intelligence. To achieve the improvement and optimization of the industrial chain, let domestic enterprises connect and cooperate, and jointly strengthen the manufacturing in China in the field of optoelectronics.



The representatives of the enterprises participating in the forum said that through the exchange and learning of the forum, they understood new knowledge and technology and broadened their horizons. Through the speeches of the guests, they learned the working principle, application and development trend of innovative technology. At the same time, after in-depth exchange and learning with industry experts, entrepreneurs also obtained valuable advice. It has played a guiding role in the benign development of various enterprises.



In the conference hall, each unit will also display the latest and most competitive products, so that the participating enterprises have a more intuitive understanding of the products of each unit. Youopto Technology in this forum exhibition, on display 100G, 400G laser, 940nm pump laser, 10G tunable laser, micro package gas detector, etc. Youopto Technology in the field of optical communication constantly break through the technical bottleneck, constantly innovate products and application solutions, and on this basis, to the upstream development of the industrial chain, Accelerate the dissemination of communication technology. The successful holding of this forum will further promote technical exchanges and cooperation in the industry, build a better cooperation platform, help the industry to comprehensively improve the skill level and market competitiveness, and jointly promote the continuous progress and development of optoelectronic technology.

We believe that relying on the success of this high-speed optical connection design forum, Youopto Technology will continue to enhance its technical accumulation and practical experience in the field of optical communication, and will better serve the development of the industry and technological innovation. At the same time, we also look forward to more partners, together with us to promote the development of optical communication field, so that the entire industry to a higher level, a higher level of development goals. Sail together in the same boat, ride the wind and waves for miles, although sometimes encountered rough waves and countercurrent dangerous shoals, but as long as we work together, the right course, the giant ship of photoelectric development will be stable to far away, towards a better future!