【GLAD TIDING】 Comrade Ren won the title of "Excellent Team Leader of Dalian Enterprise"!

  Recent news     |      2023-12-21

On July 5, 2023, Dalian Federation of Trade Unions, Dalian Enterprise Federation and Dalian Entrepreneurs Association jointly carried out the selection activity of " Selecting Tree 2021-2022 Annual Enterprise Excellent Team Leader and Advanced Team Construction Worker", which recently came to an end after a fierce selection. In the end, our company Jiandi Ren and a total of 200 outstanding staff of other units won the title of "Dalian Enterprise excellent team leader".




Since Jiandi Ren joined DALIAN YOUOPTO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. in April 2019, she has been fighting in the front line of production. She is involved in the key processes of the production line, familiar with the operation and basic principles of most of the processes, and has the skills to adapt to the needs of multiple positions. She is especially familiar with difficult processes such as optical coupling and high-precision patch, and has participated in the research and development sample production of key projects for many times. After serving as the monitor of the R & D operation group, she also attached great importance to the skills training of the team personnel. As a mentor, she personally taught the new workers skills and trained more than 20 excellent operators for the company, all of whom reached the senior operator standard. She led the whole team, unity and cooperation, dedication to duty, adhere to the principle; She plays a leading role in the work, safety demonstration role, bonding and unity role, is the backbone of the technical research and development operation group, is well-deserved "the most beautiful monitor".



The team leader is the soul of the team management, plays a vital role in the team management, the team is full of vitality, the enterprise has vitality. The implementation of enterprise strategy, the realization of business objectives, and the completion of production tasks must be carried out and implemented by teams. From the perspective of modern enterprise architecture, the team is the smallest group in the enterprise, but it is the important cornerstone of the enterprise building; From the aspect of position and function, team building is an objective requirement to enhance the cohesion and competitiveness of enterprises and realize the modern management of enterprises, and it is also an important position for enterprises to nurture, cultivate and discover all kinds of technical talents and leading cadres.


Youopto Technology attaches great importance to team construction and enterprise management, and effectively implements team construction and enterprise management as a strong foundation and important project. Since the company established in 2017, the company has always regarded talent introduction and management as the foundation of enterprise development, advocated cultural management, and committed to building a friendly working atmosphere.


Efforts will eventually pay off. Let us extend warm congratulations to Comrade Ren, who has been honored, and hope that she can carry forward her achievements and make new achievements, strive to be the leader of the spirit of labor, the spirit of model workers and the spirit of craftsmen, and bravely become the vanguard of the industrial workers in the era of digital age. At the same time, we hope that the whole company will learn the advanced deeds of the award-winning comrades, form a good atmosphere of contest, learning, catching up and rise above, so that the advanced typical role model will become a powerful driving force to promote the high-quality development of enterprises, expand the territory, build on the past and create a better future for the company.