Dalian Youopto Technology co.,Ltd participated in the 23rd Japan FOE Exhibition.

  News     |      2023-07-03

 Dalian Youopto Technology co.,Ltd participated in the 2023 Tokyo Optical Communication Technology Exhibition (FOE) and displayed its latest optical communication devices. This time, 980nm Pump laser and 940nm Pump laser were exhibited for the first time, which attracted high attention at the exhibition.

Dalian Youopto Technology co.,Ltd   participated in the 23rd Japan FOE Exhibition.(图1) 

The exhibition is an important event in the field of optical communication, attracting professionals and industry leaders from all over the world. At FOE booth, Dalian Youopto Technology co.,Ltd displayed a series of advanced optical communication devices, including the following product series: TOSA, ROSA, BOSA, GAS Detector, PUMP Laser, OTDR Laser, Butterfly Laser, Photodetector, Tunable TOSA, etc. These devices are manufactured by the latest technology and precision machining technology independently developed by the company, which have the characteristics of high speed, high efficiency and high stability and can meet the growing demand of optical communication market.


Most of the company's products are displayed in the company's booth, covering optical devices with transmission rates of 2.5G, 10G, 100G, 200G and 400G. The transmission distance covers 10km to 120km, which can realize low power consumption, low noise and high reliability in high-speed data transmission. Its unique design and optimized packaging scheme make these devices more flexible and convenient in optical communication modules.

In addition, Dalian Youopto Technology co.,Ltd also demonstrated its latest generation of optical amplifiers and optical wavelength division multiplexers, which can be widely used in biomedical fields, such as brain science and neuroscience. Its high power can realize deeper tissue imaging and treatment.

Dalian Youopto Technology co.,Ltd   participated in the 23rd Japan FOE Exhibition.(图3) 

During the exhibition, the booth of Dalian Youopto Technology co.,Ltd  attracted a large number of exhibitors and professionals in the field. At the same time, the company's representatives also actively conducted in-depth exchanges and negotiations with exhibitors and partners, which laid a solid foundation for the company to further expand the market and strengthen cooperation.