The light of science and technology leads the future

  Exhibition Info     |      2024-02-05


In the global optoelectronic industry, the SPIE Photonics West hosted by the International Photonics Engineering Association (SPIE) of the United States is undoubtedly the most eye-catching event in the industry. Recently, Dalian Youopto Technology Co., Ltd. made its debut in this exhibition, bringing its own laser sensor series, such as Butterfly Transmitter, PD Reciver, Lidar/Sensor Seed and other products, showing the world the scientific and technological charm made in China.

Youopto Technology, an enterprise that has been deeply involved in the field of laser sensors for many years, has provided a series of products with high stability, high efficiency and low energy consumption for users all over the world with its profound technical accumulation and continuous innovation spirit. At the exhibition site, these products have been widely concerned and highly praised by professional visitors from all over the world.

As its name implies, the butterfly laser exhibited in this exhibition is light and efficient, and it integrates the latest technological achievements of Youopto, and its performance and design have reached the leading level in the industry. And PD Reciver is another eye-catching product.  Its high sensitivity and super anti-interference ability make it run stably in complex environment. It is worth mentioning that Lidar/Sensor Seed, which combines the dual functions of lidar and sensor, can not only provide accurate positioning information for various applications, but also sense the changes of the surrounding environment in real time. It is a revolutionary product in the field of intelligent perception and has attracted the attention and favor of the world's top radar companies.

In addition to the excellent performance of the product itself, Youopto Technology's production capacity and service system have also been recognized by the majority of exhibitors. The company's flexible production line can be quickly adjusted to meet various customization needs, and its low-cost and high-efficiency production mode also provides partners with great competitive advantages. Many exhibitors have said that they are attracted by the innovative spirit and high-quality products of Youopto Technology, and look forward to more cooperation opportunities in the future.

For the first time to participate in SPIE Photonics West, it received such attention and praise. The relevant person in charge of the company said that Youopto Technology will continue to adhere to the concept of innovation and Excellence, continuously introduce more competitive products, and make greater contributions to the development of the global optoelectronic industry.

The wonderful appearance of Youopto Technology on SPIE Photonics West fully demonstrated the strength and potential of China photoelectric enterprises. And its high-end sensor laser shows that China's influence in the global photoelectric technology field is increasing day by day. We expect the company to continue to lead the industry trend in the future and contribute more wisdom and strength to the development of global optoelectronic technology.