[GLAD TIDING] The company won the first prize of Dalian Science and Technology Progress in 2023

  Recent news     |      2024-03-06


DALIAN YOUOPTO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Dalian in 2023 for its research and development and industrialization of optical signal long-distance transmission laser. This honor is not only the recognition of Youopto Technology by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and industry experts, but also fully demonstrates the strong strength of private enterprises in China in scientific and technological innovation.


Youopto Technology is a private enterprise focusing on optoelectronic technology research and development. Since its establishment, the company has been determined to solve the import substitution problem of high-end optoelectronic devices in China. In the field of optical communication devices, the company's main products are digital signal modulated optical transmitter (TOSA) and optical receiver (ROSA). The mass-produced products cover transmission rates of 2.5G, 10G and 100G. And the 200G and 400G series products are under research or trial production in small batches, with transmission distances ranging from 10km to 120km. It can meet the needs of various channel multiplexing schemes such as TDM, CWDM, LWDM, MWDM, DWDM, etc. The product terminal is applied to the telecom network market and data center market. The company can not only provide core photoelectric conversion devices and modules for the telecom switch field as the upstream, but also provide customized, high-reliability, low-cost LPO, CPO and other types of self-controlled supply chains from chip to device to module for the computing force brought by AI artificial intelligence.


In addition, the company also introduced analog signal modulation lasers and photodetectors with bandwidths ranging from 1MHz to 18GHz, which are applied to the fields of radio and television cable TV signal transmission, aerospace, gas detection and so on. The lasers in the fields of optical gas detection and chemical industry have been put on the market, and the core photoelectric devices and modules in the fields of communication, navigation, detection and petrochemical data acquisition for aerospace and military equipment are also in the process of research and development. The timeliness and accuracy of core information acquisition is one of the key indicators, and Youopto Technology can provide high-precision, convenient and fast sensing and detection photoelectric products.


As a representative of scientific and technological innovation in China, Youopto Technology has always been in a leading position in the field of optical communication. The laser for long-distance transmission of optical signals has not only made a breakthrough in reliability and stability, but also successfully raised the transmission speed to a new level. This innovation has won the reputation for Youopto Technology and won this honor, even becoming the only private enterprise that won this honor.


In the future, Youopto Technology will continue to devote itself to the research and development, popularization and application of optical communication technology, and further enhance China's position in the international optical communication field. We firmly believe that through continuous innovation and cooperation, optical communication technology will bring broader prospects for the development and progress of human society.